Thursday, December 31, 2009

Carolers Have Sung under Our Balconies

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Spirit in our Special School Caransebes

This year we celebrate the birth of Son of God in our Special School Caransebes :we make paintings , drawings ,ornaments and Christmas cards .

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Is Christmas

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Christmas Wishes With Pictures & Music

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alaiul Colindatorilor in our town Caransebes and CHRISTMAS FOR EVERY SOUL

Students and teacher Alin Buliga sing in the memory of heroes from 1989 .


Artists from Timisoara Opera sing beauttiful carols in Caransebes .

If you want to see more videos follow this channel .

Carolers from Mioveni

My Pupils' Letters for Santa Claus

Christmas greetings for all of you .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the Library

One of the most interesting activities developed in our school on December was that which made involve pupils and Romanian teachers. The purpose of such activity was to prove the talent of pupils in acting different scenes dedicated to Christmas Day. Despite finishing school earlier, they have tried not to lose the opportunity to celebrate this important day for Christianity. Thus, the Romanian teachers of our school have prepared their pupils in order to act Jesus’ birth. The pupils have delighted the audience no only by their acting but also by their costumes. Besides, the teachers of Religious Education have prepared together their pupils a short program in which they talk about faith by means of impressive essays as well as by religious songs, carols, taking in account the way in which Romanians keep their folk traditions. The host of this activity was the school library.

Students from Scoala Speciala Caransebes wish all the parteners a Christmas full of peace and a happy new year

Christmas cards for you dear parteners .

Friday was last day for us in this year and for this reason we celebrate the birth of Son of Good and we sing carols in our school in our eTwinning project .

Our bishop Lucian Mic from Caransebes Diocese was Santa Claus for students from Special School Caransebes and he came with a group of priests from Caransebes and they sing also beautiful carols .

Monday, October 5, 2009

eTwinning project ,, Every year students all over Europe celebrate the birth of Son of God or Christmas

Description : We want to know how students from all over Europe celebrate God's Birth in their countries . In this project parteners schools can make with their studdents many activities wich is about the Bird of Son of God or Christmas , and our children will make different paintings , drawings , ornaments and cards for Christmas .Each partner can contribute according to what they are able to do: texts, photos, pictures, songs and music audio files paintings , drawings , ornaments and Christmas Cards cards . We will use in this project:e-mail, Forum, Other software ( presentations ( Powerpoint, slideshare , slide , picture trail , authorSTREAM...etc. ) video ( You-Tube , Twit Vid ,Vimeo ) , podcasting , other tools and aplications web2.0. and all will be posted on this blog . After our project will be approved all the parteners will be invited to publish work on the blog of the project made by founder in this project – students from Scoala Speciala Caransebes .

Aims: This project aims to make the students as more activities dedicated to the birth of Son of God and to make many drawings and ornaments for Christmas .This project will be carried out in English and we will use Twinspace as well as create a blog -this blog (a new technical help to teachers and pupils ,this tool will be provided). Students will organize celebrations dedicated to the birth of God , they will sing carols in different places and studdents will make many paintings and drawings for the Christmas . We expected many countries and schools join us in this project , and at the end of the project each partner school involved in the project presented their activities (foto , video ,Powerpoint , picture , drawings ) on a blog of the project At the final this blog will be made public and everybody can see how Students from all over Europe celebrate The Birth of Son of God or Christmas. We want to organize a international exhibition at the art gallery Corneliu Baba from Caransebes with paintings and drawings made by students all over Europe for celebrate the birth of Son of God or Christmas .

All the parteners will work on this 10 tasks in our project :
Every partener will make a presentation or a video to present the school .
1.The Bith of Son of God – The reason for Christmas
2.About Nativity of Jesus in many languages
3.Christmas Spirit in my school
4.Christmas carols and songs
5.Paintings and drawings for Christmas
6 . Santa Claus and Christmas Tree
7.Ornaments for Christmas
8.Other activities made with our students for God's Birth or Christmas
9.Christmas Cards for Everyoane .