Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Religious Icon from Romania

This is an example of one of the many religious icons (invariably manufactured in Greece).that are for sale in all the monasteries The very fabric of the buildings feels drenched with prayers and they made such an impression on me that I felt a religious icon would help remind me, when back home, of these quiet and peaceful places.
The silver in the icons in the churches and monasteries, gleams from constant stroking and kissing. They are usually illuminated and burning incense is often hung close to them. They attract the attention of all ages.
I was surprised at the numbers of both young and old in all places of religious observance. Romanians will invariably 'cross' themselves when passing a church, even when on a bus ! The Orthodox Church still has a powerful influence over the hearts and minds of most of the population. The standard of living of the monks and nuns though, is noticeably better than that of the majority of Romanians. When I got a peek into their living quarters in one monastery I was surprised at the standard of the furnishings - better than I had seen in any retail outlet in Romania.


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